1. ULZine #SINGRACIA por el momento tiene fecha indefinida para la admisión de trabajos. Esperamos su participación.

    Favor de compartir.


    ULZine #GRACELESS has no deadline for now on accepting submissions. Everyone is welcome to join in.

    Please share with your homies.

  2. Convocatoria ULZine No. 8 #Graceless \ #SinGracia - Fecha límite: 5 de Septiembre #Fanzine #Submits #Zinesters

  3. introvertyoungthug:


    Our Trailer for This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids!!

    In our book trailer, we hear about the questions surrounding the coming-out moment from parents and kids, and tell you a bit about how our book will answer these questions!! 

    This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids comes out on September 9th — less than a month from today!! 

    Pre-Order your copy today!

    I had the chance to interview dannielle and kristinnoeline back in 2012 and at the time they told me they were planning on making this whole project and later a book. I recently re-read the interview and made some updates to it since it will be featured in LGBT fanzine we are working on with ulcollective. It feels great to see the whole process since then and how is now out and accomplished. Makes me feel so proud and happy about it, kind of like if I was part of it. This project together with everyoneisgay is completely amazing and you should check it out. 

    »»» parentsproject «««

    *#SadButFab spoiler alert* YES! We are featuring our interview from 2012 with the amazing people from @everyoneisgay *rainbows and fireworks* updated edition with all the details from parentsproject and This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids in its original language.This is honestly one of our favorite internet born projects and since we have been making and publishing new and different kinds of fanzines and books we saw that it was about time for and LGBT magazine. More to come. Pretty soon. Wait for it.

  4. The new ULZine No. 8 has already an artist for the cover and we couldn’t be more excited about it! The only thing missing is your collaboration, so please join us and let’s make some cool stuff happen.

    Here’s our call for submissions for ULZine No. 8 #GRACELESS

    Make it your own.

    » You can read ULZine No. 7 “MEDITACIÓN”  here «

  5. La portada No. 8 ya tiene dueño (dueña de hecho) ¡y ahora esperamos tu colaboración!

    Aquí la convocatoria para la ULZine No. 8 #SINGRACIA

    Hagamos algo chingón.

    » Aquí puedes ver la ULZine No. 7 “MEDITACIÓN” «

  6. As if… ✌ #luci #allblack

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  7. "Si todos nos expresáramos dibujando, se podrían plasmar resultados infinitos con nuestra esencia particular en cada trazo."

    ULZine‬ No. 7 “Meditación” llega con la portada a cargo de Francisco Villa, (andabatae) un gran ilustrador de Saltillo, Coahuila, México acompañado de artistas gráficos, fotógrafos y escritores de Mexicali, Monterrey, Chihuahua y São Paulo.

    Dentro la convocatoria para la No. 8

    Favor de compartir y apoyar al talento dentro de este fanzine ✌

  8. rubestia:

    Fanzine in progress 👏 #Fanzine #SailorMoon #SadButFab

    luci y sus amigos presents… ✌ 

    We are proud and very excited to announce that we are working in a LGBT fanzine!

    Coming soon .:*・°☆ 


  10. almamillan:

    "No todo gira respecto a ti, Sol" Rubén Ruiz Soriano / Aka Raji / @VonLupito

    Parte de Un Fanzine Para Raji Vol. 1 un fanzine en honor a Rúben Soriano y su sabiduría en Internet.